Dr. Life in Lamai

Dr Life, Lamai, Koh SamuiFor all of you holiday lovers out there who have just had enough of trying to stay so very pumped-up, trim and thin for no real reason, we have just the Doctor’s advice for you. Dr. Life from Lamai is one of the most realistic Doc’s on the island, and what she has to give you is holiday advice that will let you enjoy your holiday and dream vacation to the limit. So throw away your Thigh-Master, your Stair-Climbers and give your personal trainer the month off! It’s time for some good advice for your vacation on Koh Samui at the Coconut Resorts.

Dr. Life does however suggest that you seek medical re-improvement once you have completed her therapy sessions.

We have asked the good Doctor some questions which just might relate to you…
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Wines of Samui

“My Boss is Crazy…I’m Crazy…This Business is Crazy!!!” are the candid words of the The the finest wines countrywide at the lowest prices.Black Forest Distribution Manager of Lamai, Koh Samui, Mr. Matthias Gerbert. Maintaining a work-week filled with the continual chimes of his cell phones, one seemingly attached to each hand. Matthias smiles in between calls from clients ordering the newest and most popular wines available in Thailand, giving you the best of the best from his collection on hand.
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What’s ‘Hot ‘& what’s ‘Not’ in Lamai

The diversity that epitomises Koh Samui can be witnessed in many forms. The pristine beaches and waters, dense jungle and cascading waterfalls, luxury resorts and basic beach bungalows are just a few examples of many.

Lamai fashionLamai disco nightIt would appear that the ranges of beings that choose to visit the island are no exception to the diversity that the island belies, representing all of God’s glory! With that come the good, the bad, and the downright scary! We hit the beaches to find out “what’s hot” and “what’s not” in the Samui style stakes. Here are some of your more tasteful comments……..
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Get Your Ribs Tickled at the BBQ Bikini Bar in Lamai

Get your ribs tickled at Bikini Bar Lamai If you’ve been living on Tom Yum soup, spicy deep fried meat that you can’t tell if it’s chicken or pork and papaya salads that make you wonder why the Thai people stand on the toilet seats, then you are in some serious need of a good American rack of ribs.Hamburgers and BBQ ribs Continue reading

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Lamai Beach Party and The Lizard

Travelling Confessions of a Die-hard Lover of Koh Samui Life

“Three dogs sniffed along the water’s edge; giving wide A three-foot-long, green lizard in Lamaiberth to two Thai men walking with a three-foot-long, green lizard slung over a shoulder. Then a group of foreigners stumbled out of a bar and onto Lamai Beach after tipping back a few too many. Their blood-shot eyes were wide-open like they were trying to adjust to night vision but it was mid-afternoon. We watched them with great interest, their steps slow and deliberate on the hot white sand, and they stopped often to rest.
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Lamai’s Secret Society

There are literally millions of visitors that make their way to Koh Samui every year. What you may not realise, being one of the many that are placidly enjoying your days of rest, is that you watch the sun rise and setare in what many consider the centre of the universe.

In the early 70’s Lamai was the place to be. Here was generated a massive cohesion of Karma as generation after generation of spiritual guides and followers knelt on the sands of Samui to watch the sun rise and set in peaceful bliss. Continue reading

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Single in Samui

There are many people who ask the question Single in Samui“Why are you going to Thailand? Are you trying to find a wife?”
For most the answer is “Absolutely Not!!” For others however, this may not be the case. As Thailand, and Koh Samui in particular, is one of the areas of our planet where there are an astounding number of women looking to marry, Koh Samui is the stomping ground for many, many single men and women alike.

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Breaking Bones & Nails in Lamai

Lady kick boxing on Koh SamuiIt wasn’t until 1999, at the famous Muay Thai fighting Stadium in Bangkok that the first amateur women’s fights took place. Since it was the first time for this competition, it began in time-honoured fashion as a demonstration of skills and techniques. In front of an enthusiastic crowd, many of the myths about women not being skilled enough to fight, or entertaining enough for the crowd, were laid to rest. Today women of numerous nationalities flock to Thailand’s Muay Thai training camps.  Continue reading

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The Matador of Ink

There are those who believe that sometimes art does not need to involve the imposing of pain on oneself. The body canvas of other, Tattoo art in Lamai: Body as canvasmore agreeable participants will provide the backdrop necessary to create and develop the artistic medium of tattoo art. There is one such artist working on the island of Koh Samui, and the millions of tourists that annually visit his domain keep his source of ‘canvas’ in full supply. Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. Continue reading

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No Tattoos on this Artist

Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. But something seems amiss.Large tattoo on the side of the upper torso

Take an artist, lock him or her up in a room with nothing but some ink and a stick of bamboo, and then leave them in there for a month or so. When you open the door, you will most likely not be surprised by the incredible drawings that will have found their way from the ink well onto the ceiling, floor, and walls of their prison. Now leave them in there for another month to see where their creativity takes them. Continue reading

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