The Matador of Ink

There are those who believe that sometimes art does not need to involve the imposing of pain on oneself. The body canvas of other, Tattoo art in Lamai: Body as canvasmore agreeable participants will provide the backdrop necessary to create and develop the artistic medium of tattoo art. There is one such artist working on the island of Koh Samui, and the millions of tourists that annually visit his domain keep his source of ‘canvas’ in full supply. Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. Unlike many of the tattoo artists you may have met, or seen, Mr Tak does not have any tattoos himself. If he doesn’t enjoy his own art, then why doesn’t he show it off? I asked Mr Tak this relevant question, and his answer was quite surprising.
“Because it hurts!”

Mr Tak does in fact have one tattoo on his body, located on the upper part of his knee, of a few simple dots. This experience he felt was only necessary to understand what the pain is that his clients endure, and allows him to be patient as his canvas’ often need time to recover from a long session.
So if you’re looking for someone who has about as much experience as you can imagine that he doesn’t have the time to tattoo himself because he is busy with the likes of you, then take a trip from your resort or beach villa out to Lamai for an art session you can take with you forever.

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2 Responses to The Matador of Ink

  1. Eco Samui says:

    Are tattoos in Thailand dangerous to get because of dirty equipment?

    • The equipment and needles used in these upscale shops are the best in the world. Before you begin any tattoo, do a little research on your artist and their shop. And really try not to get the proverbial “bad drunken tattoo”. Really think about it. But in case you didn’t, Mr Tak is also a genius at covering up your past.

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