No Tattoos on this Artist

Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. But something seems amiss.Large tattoo on the side of the upper torso

Take an artist, lock him or her up in a room with nothing but some ink and a stick of bamboo, and then leave them in there for a month or so. When you open the door, you will most likely not be surprised by the incredible drawings that will have found their way from the ink well onto the ceiling, floor, and walls of their prison. Now leave them in there for another month to see where their creativity takes them. When you open the door this second time, you most likely will see that the art has found it’s way onto the artist’s body. This is the evolution of Tattooing!

On Koh Samui there are more Tattoo artists than you have relatives in your family if you are related to the Queen of England, and the majority of them are covered from head to toe in their chaotic and romantic creations.
There is one artist however, in the small and beautiful village of Lamai that has no tattoos. Curious?

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  1. Bophut Bob says:

    Ok, you have me curious. But it does seem strange. Every Tattoo artist that I have ever seen, or known has always had at least one very dominant tattoo. What’s with this one?

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