Single in Samui

There are many people who ask the question Single in Samui“Why are you going to Thailand? Are you trying to find a wife?”
For most the answer is “Absolutely Not!!” For others however, this may not be the case. As Thailand, and Koh Samui in particular, is one of the areas of our planet where there are an astounding number of women looking to marry, Koh Samui is the stomping ground for many, many single men and women alike.

Being single on Samui is a fun adventureNow we’re not stating that every single woman on Koh Samui is looking to get married, but we can more your average choice of single women also availableguarantee you that if you were to pop the question, you would possibly, more likely than not, have a positive reply.

So this can make being single on Samui quite a fun adventure. Not only are there more than your average choice of single women also available, but also they are also competitive in gaining your attention. Never a bad thing.

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2 Responses to Single in Samui

  1. Samui Suzy says:

    This is great for the male gender, but what about us single women?
    Are there any single Thai men looking to get hitched?

    • There are indeed!
      In fact, most western women prefer the kindness, the attention and the polite reverence that is cast upon the female western woman by the Thai men. It is just as easy to find a husband in Thailand, as it is a wife.

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