Lamai Beach Party and The Lizard

Travelling Confessions of a Die-hard Lover of Koh Samui Life

“Three dogs sniffed along the water’s edge; giving wide A three-foot-long, green lizard in Lamaiberth to two Thai men walking with a three-foot-long, green lizard slung over a shoulder. Then a group of foreigners stumbled out of a bar and onto Lamai Beach after tipping back a few too many. Their blood-shot eyes were wide-open like they were trying to adjust to night vision but it was mid-afternoon. We watched them with great interest, their steps slow and deliberate on the hot white sand, and they stopped often to rest.

The spaced-out travellers were oblivious to the dogs sitting at their feet, and of us staring at the movie unravelling before our eyes and it was probably just as well.

Beach Party Beach party Beach Party Lizard

Later that evening, live music drifted from a small Thai gathering down the beach, so we moseyed over to see what grand adventures were taking place. Two guitars, a flute, and a bongo drum played around a small fire while the lizard, no the lizard slowly roasted on a small firelonger green and somewhat shorter without its tail, slowly roasted. The group was not bothered by our presence, in fact passed us their bottle of Mekong Whiskey. We left before the lizard was done, but later agreed that the whiskey was much better than the music.

Every day on Lamai Beach brought us new and interesting experiences.”

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  1. Hilarious!! Who are these people? I’ve been to Lamai and that’s exactly what it’s like every day!! Like a long overdue party! I can’t wait to go back.

    • There is a great deal of wander-lust amongst tourists that visit Koh Samui. It’s true that a few do end up staggering out of their local pub and into the ocean for a reviving swim. But that’s just a part of what the holiday spirit is all about! Every day does bring new sights, sounds, and as you can see sometimes even new gastronomic delicacies.

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