Lamai’s Secret Society

There are literally millions of visitors that make their way to Koh Samui every year. What you may not realise, being one of the many that are placidly enjoying your days of rest, is that you watch the sun rise and setare in what many consider the centre of the universe.

In the early 70’s Lamai was the place to be. Here was generated a massive cohesion of Karma as generation after generation of spiritual guides and followers knelt on the sands of Samui to watch the sun rise and set in peaceful bliss.

Collectively there have arisen from this era a selection of Spas and meditation clinics that have accommodation both included, and for daytime usage only.

Enjoying your days of restLamai’s Secret Society

Sun worshippers, people of serendipity and inner peacemeditation gurus, people of serendipity and those seeking true silence and profound inner peace can be found travelling the universe to lay on the beaches of Lamai on Koh Samui. Join the Secret Society on your next visit!

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  1. On Samui says:

    By definition spas are for those terminally ill or recuperating from sickness or injury. They are usually found in remote mountain areas of Europe where wealthy but ailing members of a secret society soak in mineral laden hot springs. That doesn’t sound very spiritual, does it?

    • No indeed not! – It sounds Victorian. The Asian Spa and the Samui spas put the emphasis on inner peace and tranquility. Koh Samui spas for inner peace and tranquilityMeditation, yoga and Reiki is a part of the program, treatments specifically designed to improve one’s health including fasting, colonic cleansing, weight loss and detoxification are on the menu. Furthermore, being pampered is one of the most appealing aspects of a visit to any spa with various options such as Thai massage, body scrubs, wraps and facials that relax and rehydrate the skin. Samui visitors see a visit to a spa as a chance to be pampered, and where a healthy body is achieved with physical well being and healthy mental, spiritual balance.

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