Get Your Ribs Tickled at the BBQ Bikini Bar in Lamai

Get your ribs tickled at Bikini Bar Lamai If you’ve been living on Tom Yum soup, spicy deep fried meat that you can’t tell if it’s chicken or pork and papaya salads that make you wonder why the Thai people stand on the toilet seats, then you are in some serious need of a good American rack of ribs.Hamburgers and BBQ ribs

And if you’re a real fan of racks, then you just have to visit the BBQ Bikini Bar during one of their famous Bikini Contests.

Slow cooked barbecue ribsBikini contest the BBQ Bikini Bar in Lamai

Steve, whose Bikini Bar is famous for its Caribbean theme and slow cooked ribs, is thinking big about the future of the Bikini contest and would like to see the prize money hit a million baht one day. Amid cheers and wolf whistles from huge crowds, some of Thailand’s most beautiful young ladies strut the catwalk at the Bikini Bar on Lamai beach on a regular basis.

Cheers and wolf whistles from huge crowdsBest BBQ 'n' Babes

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2 Responses to Get Your Ribs Tickled at the BBQ Bikini Bar in Lamai

  1. In Samui says:

    Chase in Samui
    Where does the tickling come in?

    • Bikini Holiday Ahhh! You’ll be tickled pink to know that you get to be one of the judges in this contest. So order up your ribs, find out how to get to this fabulous establishment from your resort, and get up-close and personal for the judging 🙂

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