See-Through Bikinis & Tan-Through Swimwear on Lamai Beach

Lamai shops carry an assortment of see through apparel Swimwear for Lamai Beach For many of us, a hot body is a hard earned prize that we want to show off. If you are brave enough to bare all (or all-ish) then a see through bikini might be the perfect choice for you. If you have a bit more of a risqué side to you, or you are just a bit more fashion forward and willing to show your body off a bit, these are a great option.

Just make sure that you only wear these to a beach that allows nude sunning or to a private party, lest you get in trouble for indecent exposure. Of course, it’s not all about showing everything off, as there are bikinis which you can wear to get an all over tan, while not having to resort to nudity or a sun bed. Ideal bikinis for holidays where topless sunbathing is not allowed

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  1. Bo Put says:

    Bo Put - all over body tanning
    Where on Koh Samui can you wear such things? Can you see through them?

    • Modesty on the beach Well…. As you are probably already aware, Thailand frowns upon nudity of any sort. However, Lamai Beach has become one of the areas where it is common to see people basking in the sun topless. But you don’t have to bare it all, as some of the fashionable shops on Lamai Beach carry an assortment of apparel that you can actually tan through! And not all of them are see-through. The tan through bikini is the modest woman’s solution to all over body tanning, without having to resort to a naturist beach. These cool bikinis use an ultra-fine mesh to make them opaque to all but the sunshine. You can get them wet and they stay opaque, and you can preserve your modesty on the beach or by the pool. They are ideal for any holiday where topless sunbathing is frowned upon or banned, and also bottomless sunbathing for that matter. Just remember that if the sun can get through, you may burn your sensitive bits.

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