What’s ‘Hot ‘& what’s ‘Not’ in Lamai

The diversity that epitomises Koh Samui can be witnessed in many forms. The pristine beaches and waters, dense jungle and cascading waterfalls, luxury resorts and basic beach bungalows are just a few examples of many.

Lamai fashionLamai disco nightIt would appear that the ranges of beings that choose to visit the island are no exception to the diversity that the island belies, representing all of God’s glory! With that come the good, the bad, and the downright scary! We hit the beaches to find out “what’s hot” and “what’s not” in the Samui style stakes. Here are some of your more tasteful comments……..

Lamai suitLamai jewels“It’s not so much what people wear – more a case of who’s wearing it.”

“Hot pants, with it all hanging out, even if you’re a contender for Rear of The Year, it’s as bad as a man in a thong”

Chilling Lamai-styleLamai tattoos“Bright colours people would never dream of wearing at home still don’t work here, even if the sun is shining”

“Those outfits “that would look great with a tan” should be saved until you’ve actually got one”

“Chang vest with or without man boobs is a definite no”

“Tattoo sleeves – there’s nothing cool about them”

“Sandals and socks, practical maybe, but surely are killing your sex life!”

Sandals and socks

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  1. Eco Samui says:

    Eco Samui
    What about the European Banana Hammock? They are still in style for some strange reason.

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