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Dr. Life in Lamai

For all of you holiday lovers out there who have just had enough of trying to stay so very pumped-up, trim and thin for no real reason, we have just the Doctor’s advice for you. Dr. Life from Lamai is … Continue reading

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Wines of Samui

“My Boss is Crazy…I’m Crazy…This Business is Crazy!!!” are the candid words of the Black Forest Distribution Manager of Lamai, Koh Samui, Mr. Matthias Gerbert. Maintaining a work-week filled with the continual chimes of his cell phones, one seemingly attached … Continue reading

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What’s ‘Hot ‘& what’s ‘Not’ in Lamai

The diversity that epitomises Koh Samui can be witnessed in many forms. The pristine beaches and waters, dense jungle and cascading waterfalls, luxury resorts and basic beach bungalows are just a few examples of many. It would appear that the … Continue reading

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Get Your Ribs Tickled at the BBQ Bikini Bar in Lamai

If you’ve been living on Tom Yum soup, spicy deep fried meat that you can’t tell if it’s chicken or pork and papaya salads that make you wonder why the Thai people stand on the toilet seats, then you are … Continue reading

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Lamai Beach Party and The Lizard

Travelling Confessions of a Die-hard Lover of Koh Samui Life “Three dogs sniffed along the water’s edge; giving wide berth to two Thai men walking with a three-foot-long, green lizard slung over a shoulder. Then a group of foreigners stumbled … Continue reading

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Lamai’s Secret Society

There are literally millions of visitors that make their way to Koh Samui every year. What you may not realise, being one of the many that are placidly enjoying your days of rest, is that you are in what many … Continue reading

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Single in Samui

There are many people who ask the question “Why are you going to Thailand? Are you trying to find a wife?” For most the answer is “Absolutely Not!!” For others however, this may not be the case. As Thailand, and … Continue reading

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Breaking Bones & Nails in Lamai

It wasn’t until 1999, at the famous Muay Thai fighting Stadium in Bangkok that the first amateur women’s fights took place. Since it was the first time for this competition, it began in time-honoured fashion as a demonstration of skills … Continue reading

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The Matador of Ink

There are those who believe that sometimes art does not need to involve the imposing of pain on oneself. The body canvas of other, more agreeable participants will provide the backdrop necessary to create and develop the artistic medium of … Continue reading

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No Tattoos on this Artist

Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. But something seems amiss. Take an artist, lock him or her up in a room with … Continue reading

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