Lamai, Koh Samui

Lamai Beach and the Village on Koh Samui

A beautiful day on Lamai BeachLamai is Koh Samui’s second most developed tourist place. Lamai beach is four kilometers long with a deep, clear sea especially towards the southern end where many large boulders create interesting rock formations including the famous grandfather and grandmother rocks. Along the shore many beach bungalows, hotels and spa resorts offer accommodations directly on the beach.

The village is quite compact with a concentration of restaurants, bars, and clubs in its entertainment and night-life center. These streets will be quiet during the day-time and come alife after sunset when visitors flock to the numerous bars, discos, eateries and shops which stay open late.

Street in Lamai running along the beachThere are many restaurants in the villageLamai Discotheque "Bauhaus Pub"Open-air music and dancing in LamaiLamai's fresh food marketMany vendors offer their goods in stalls which line the street
Entertainment pavilions in the center of Lamai village
One of dozens of girlie bars which will all be crowded at night-time
Panorama of Lamai Bay's northern section
Lamai Bay's southern section and beaches

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