No Tattoos on this Artist

Tattoo by Mr Tak in Lamai has become one of the most famous parlours for those seeking to obtain unique and graceful body art. But something seems amiss.Large tattoo on the side of the upper torso

Take an artist, lock him or her up in a room with nothing but some ink and a stick of bamboo, and then leave them in there for a month or so. When you open the door, you will most likely not be surprised by the incredible drawings that will have found their way from the ink well onto the ceiling, floor, and walls of their prison. Now leave them in there for another month to see where their creativity takes them. Continue reading

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Hippies & Holidays in Lamai – Koh Samui

Lamai has more than often not been the focus of attention when it comes to tourism on the island of Koh Samui. Young people on Lamai BeachSporting the title of Koh Samui’s second beach and village, this quaint beachfront strip is gaining momentum that is giving the island’s larger areas a run for their money. The surrounding area notably hosts some of the islands best spas and health resorts available, which in today’s day and age has become the pivotal point of many people’s choice of a destination holiday.

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